Thursday, September 27, 2012

Overly Pampered

Looks like what I said in the previous post came true: “challenge is good, it gives us awareness of what we lack in”. This time, I am placed in a totally new situation which I have never experienced before – handling difficult people. I have never been good in managing relationships with others, what more with those who are in an “emotional” state.

To add on, I have never tasted real scolding as a result of committing huge mistakes. The lack of failure in the past has overshadowed my resistance towards hardship and all in all, moulded me into what I am today – overly pampered. After today’s incident, I just realised that I am extremely vulnerable when being put into a tough situation. I need to know how to manage my own disappointment and at the same time, manage the other party’s feelings and demands. As managing difficult people will be part of everyday life, I guess I need more practice to improve my defence mechanism and be seasonalised. Everybody has to start somewhere!


LNL said...

take care >.< guess its part of life getting scold, disappoint and so on but be strong lo dont give up :) good luck

Kim_Burns said...

I hope you can find peace in strange situations like that. May the Lord guide you always and keep you. Stay strong! Me and my Arizona SEO Services company is constantly reading your blogs. Thanks.